17 July - 19 July 2006


After breakfast, we said good-bye to everyone, and hit the road again. We drove across Wisconsin, briefly pausing in Green Bay to see Lambeau Field, home of the Packers. We stopped just for the heck of it, but we saw people there for whom this visitation was nearly a religious experience.

We arrived in the town of Munising, Michigan that afternoon. Munising is a pretty cool town. It sits on the southern shore of Lake Superor, close to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. In addition to that, the Alger Underwater Preserve lies offshore, home to several well-preserved shipwrecks. Plus there is all sorts of natural beauty in the form of rolling hills, lakes, and rivers all around it. After some driving around, we decided to stay in the Bay Furnace National Forest campground next door in the town of Christmas. That town, as you might expect, had lots of year-round Christmas stores, and all the street names were Christmas themed. We had some surprisingly good pizza in Munising, then retired to the campground that night.

The next morning, after noticing that the people who were staying in a particularly nice campsite were going to check out that day, we decided to explore the ruins of a blast furnace, do some hiking, and then come back and scoop up their spot. After that was done, we went on a glass bottom boat tour of the underwater preserve. That was lots of fun, and we recommend it. After that, we did some more hiking before getting some dinner. We tried a "pastie." This is a type of meat pie that is a local specialty, so we went to a little Mom 'n' Pop place that is apparently renowned for their pasties. To be honest, we weren't really blown away with this. Oh well. The treats at Dairy Queen afterwards were pretty good. We finished off the evening beachcombing and taking it easy around the campsite.

The next morning, we broke camp and headed for the lower pennisula. The plan was to swing through Kalamazoo to visit our friend Doris, then push on to Pennsylvania. We picked up Doris outside her office at Western Michigan Univeristy, then headed over to Bell's Brewery. Rob spent many an afternoon here during his grad school days, although he does think it has gone a little too upscale in recent years. After catching up with Doris for a bit, we hit the road again.

The plan was to make it to Jenn's Mom's house that night, but we decided around 10:30 PM that we would rather pull over for the night. That way, we could get cleaned up from the past few days of camping.

Miner's Castle Rob
Camp Subaru
Lake Superior Munising Pier
Bay Furnace Sunset Blast Furnace
Furnace Rob and Jenn
Munising Falls Rob
Jenn Jenn's picture
Action shot Self portrait
Falls Jenn
Jenn Wildflowers
Friendly Guy Trail Rocky beach
Driftwood Beach
Jenn Rob and Jenn
Sand Castle Campsite, Day 2
Cold Beach Camp
Shipwreck Tour The "Bermuda"
The Wreck The Stern
Changing shifts Grand Island Lighthouse
Surface View The stern
East Channel Lighthouse Kayakers
The "Herman H Hettler" Reef